The U.S. livestock industry was gutted last week by the release of a video depicting abuse of young calves in a Texas operation. It’s the latest in a series of surreptitiously recorded videos by animal activists that depict abuse of animals in livestock and poultry facilities. While activists call for outside oversight of animal handling practices, the livestock industry says existing statues are sufficient and the industry can handle such isolated incidents on its own.

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Can the U.S. livestock industry self regulate when it comes to animal treatment?

  • Yes, the few sensational cases of abuse are isolated incidents that no system would catch.
  • Yes, but the industry could do more. BQA certification for every producer is a start.
  • No, some third-party oversight is needed.
  • Don’t know.

By the way, the responses to last week’s poll question, “Does your operation have an Emergency Action Plan for severe weather?” stacked up this way:

  • We have a comprehensive written plan that includes personal safety and property: 58%
  • We have a plan that only focuses on personal safety: 9%
  • We don’t have a plan; we don’t think it’s necessary: 6%
  • We haven’t ever thought about developing a plan: 25%