The beef checkoff is gearing up to launch a new consumer advertising this May called, “Profiles," which motivates consumers to choose beef more often by delivering compelling and surprising information that there are 29 lean beef cuts.

“Not only does it help consumers get more familiar with the 29 lean beef cuts, it builds upon the power of lean beef protein messaging momentum,” says Terri Carstensen, producer from Odebolt, IA, and chair of the checkoff’s Advertising Committee. “Sixty-six percent of all beef muscle cuts sold at retail are lean, and research shows that consumers say buying lean cuts of meat (69%) is the most important thing when shopping for food.”

Six lean cuts will have a starring role in the initial launch of the “Profiles” campaign – they’re also some of America’s favorites, including T-bone steak, tenderloin, top loin, top sirloin, top round and 95% lean ground beef.

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