The historic flood stages that are approaching Louisiana along the cresting Mississippi River are having a big impact on both the wildlife and wildlife habitat in Louisiana, according to Louisiana wildlife specialists.

“Just as human residents are forced to seek higher ground to escape rising flood waters, animals must do the same,” says Don Reed, LSU AgCenter wildlife specialist, in an article written by the Louisiana Extension Service.

Animal populations that inhabit the Mississippi River basin are accustomed to annual spring floods and such events are part of their life cycle. Thus, areas of higher ground are sought out every year when waters rise and inundate lower areas.

“The record river levels that the Mississippi is experiencing this year, however, will quickly surround many of these higher areas and animals that in a normal high water year would be safe, quickly find their safety areas going under water,” he said, adding. “In these situations, wildlife must often swim long distances to reach higher ground outside the flood plain.”

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