Contracts were signed in Moscow on Tuesday to supply 3,500 tons of hamburgers each year to McDonald's in Russia from Argentina.

The President of Argentina, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, was in attendance when the deal was signed.

The burgers will be produced by Campo del Tesoro at their state-of-the-art plant in Buenos Aires.

The company has a good global connection with McDonalds Corp, and it already produces 14,000 tons of burgers a year for the food chain.

President Kirchner said, “Our Argentine beef company and their staff are to be congratulated for putting this deal together."

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with the Argentine president with numerous trade deals to be signed.

"New and traditional cooperation deals have now been signed, we can now look forward to a bright future," said the Prime Minister.

The countries have pledged to strengthen economic and political ties for the near and distant future. Trade between Argentina and Russia will be $1.5 billion of Argentine exports for 2009, in beef, wine and leather.

This is the first state visit by an Argentine leader to Russia in a decade.