Consumers say they want high-quality beef, and the industry is responding.

That’s good news, according to Larry Corah, Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) vice president.

Presenting at the University of Missouri Thompson Farm Field Day on Sept. 21, he said, “As cattlemen, you can never lose sight of why people love beef. Marbling governs flavor, so as it increases, the chance of having a bad eating experience decreases.”

After nearly a 30-year decline in the Choice grading percentage, the trend turned around a couple of years ago and weekly averages are above 60% Choice now. That’s given the retail industry a chance to promote beef at a higher level, Corah said.

“Kroger and SuperValu both carry premium Choice brands and Wal-Mart has carried Choice for a little while now,” he said. “That shows you what they’re willing and able to sell, but it’s contingent on there being a constant supply of this high-quality product.”

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