Brazil has called for a broad deal being put into place on the Doha Trade Agreement before U.S. president-elect Barack Obama takes office in January.

Foreign Minister Celso Amorin says this would send a powerful counter cynical signal to a world economy in financial crisis.

In essence, the minister says that by concluding the deal now, this would make things simpler for the new administration in Washington to get on with other matters more important to the world's economy.

Brazil is now an emerging superpower and world leader in the agricultural export market.

"It would only be fair to get the job done," says the Minister.

Both Amorin and Australia’s Trade Minister Simon Crean say that the November 15 summit of major developed countries to be held in Washington, “needs to send a concrete message to negotiators to complete the Doha talks in the coming weeks”.

The action of the government of China, in its half a trillion dollar stimulus package, announced on Sunday that they have been accepted in very positive terms by all the world markets.