Given agriculture's new biofuels era, “Market Advisor” columnist Harlan Hughes says he's receiving quite a few phone calls these days from ranchers looking at retaining their weaned calves to grow them on forage-based programs. In Marketing 2007 calves,” the marketing guru tells why traditional marketing programs still offer the highest profit potential for marketing 2007 calves.

In the face of a 12-13% demand growth for food-supply veterinarians through 2016, experts are forecasting a 4-5% annual shortfall in practitioners. Thus, for every 100 food-supply vet jobs available, there will be only 96 vets to fill them, thanks to fewer vet students. But some Iowa State University vet students are out to defeat that trend. Editor Joe Roybal tells their story in Paying Ahead."

When BEEF editors debuted our annual Trailblazer Award in 1992, the idea was to honor producers who were the modern-day pathfinders. We wanted to detail the amazing men and women — producer volunteers — who venture out ahead of the pack to show their industry a potentially better way. In Beef Quality Advocate,” contributing editor Clint Peck details the work of Idahoan Carl Crabtree.

The first reason most people initiate electronic financial recordkeeping is to make tax time easier, writes Managing Editor Alaina Burt in Computer Savvy: Accounting.” But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the management potential that electronic recordkeeping can provide. Burt provides more detail in the second of her three-part series.

It used to be that the primary question concerning wheat pasture was whether Mother Nature would make a crop. With today's surge in corn acres spiking prices for other grains as well, the new concerns are whether wheat growers are willing to let cattle graze it and who wants to put cattle on it. In “Wheat Shift,” contributing editor Wes Ishmael looks at the factors and prospects driving this phenomenon.

Cattle fever ticks first caught the attention of U.S. cattlemen back in the cattle-drive years. They were eradicated from the U.S. more than a half-century ago, but as BEEF Senior Editor Burt Rutherford writes in A Long, Thin Line,” some folks waging the fight are worried that a lack of resolve and resources could allow this scourge to be reintroduced from across the Rio Grande River.