New Holland introduces its TZ25DA Boomer sub-compact tractor, a 25-hp machine with the power to handle front- or rear-mounted implements — from a snowblower to a tiller to a front-end loader. Featuring an automatic transmission, separate forward and reverse foot pedals and power steering, its optional Sensitrak system engages and disengages the 4WD automatically, and the optional 10LA front-end loader is great for quickly moving everything from gravel to snow.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Vitamin C

Bovi-C from Quali Tech, Inc., is the first rumen-protected vitamin C product available as a pelleted feed additive for young cattle entering feedlots. Bovi-C fed at 8 g/day for 21 days provides 5 g of vitamin C. More than 70% of the vitamin C will bypass the rumen and go directly to the calf's immune system.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Q-Gun upgrades

Bernard has improved its Q-Gun line of MIG guns, upgrading backend assemblies to improve strain relief and simplify direct plug changeover. Q-Guns are available in 150-600 amp models, five handle designs, multiple-trigger options and rotating or fixed neck.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103 )

Organic approval

Lallemand Animal Nutrition, which specializes in products containing yeast and bacteria and yeast derivatives, introduces a family of products approved for organic use:

  • Agrimos® — Extracted from yeast cell walls, it reduces bacteria's ability to attach to intestinal walls and cause scours.

  • Levucell SC® rumen-specific yeast — active dry yeast for probiotic or direct-fed microbial (DFM) use in ruminant feeds.

  • Levucell SB® — active dry yeast for probiotic or DFM use in feed for monogastric animals and young ruminants.

  • Alkosel® selenium-enriched yeast — allows animals to realize full growth and production potential.

  • Biotal® Forage Inoculants — improves aerobic stability of silage and high-moisture corn stored for not less than 60 days.
    (Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Aluminum cattle platform

Tru Test upgraded its Aluminum Cattle Platform to add safety features and make installation easier. Key improvements include:

  • Lowered sidewalls for easier, quicker installation in alleyways.

  • Outside walls extending further toward the ground for added safety.

  • Trim guards, added on front and rear aluminum edges.

  • Channel bolts connecting the loadbar channel to the aluminum tray are lowered for safety.
    (Circle Reply Card No. 105)

DTN Advisor

DTN introduces DTN Advisor, which delivers localized weather, real-time agronomy information, agricultural news, market information and marketing opportunities for agronomy professionals.

Accessing real-time information, including crop-growing conditions, weather conditions, weather-impact damages and insect and disease outbreaks, as well as comments to other time-critical events, helps keeps the user up-to-date and operating efficiently.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)