In the cattle business, producers who hunt opportunity come out on top.

Making money in the cattle business can be a real challenge. Successful producers look for opportunities to make their business profitable every day. As these producers analyze their individual operations, most realize that effectively managing resources is key to long-term productivity. In their quest to make efficient and sustainable use of available resources, top producers turn to Integrated Resource Management (IRM).IRM is a process designed to improve the economic efficiency of cattle operations through effective resource management. >From their inception, IRM programs have proved capable of getting the job done for progressive cattle operations across the country.

National IRM projects range from the development of the IRM Redbook, a simple tool that revolutionized record keeping (currently in use by over 100,000 producers), to sophisticated software programs such as Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA), which uses an operation's financial information to analyze an operation's key measures of profitability.Notwithstanding past successes, Integrated Resource Management has a great future. Now that producers nationwide use IRM management tools, implementation of the systematic concepts behind Integrated Resource Management offers tremendous opportunity for enhanced production and economic efficiency in an increasing number of cattle operations.

Each quarter, IRM News brings you suggestions, ideas and cutting-edge information on IRM, and highlights outstanding state IRM programs.Like any improvement effort, the success of an IRM program revolves around producers understanding the concept and taking advantage of the available information. The staff of IRM News and members of both the IRM Subcommittee and the National Integrated Resource Management Committee heartily welcome your input, and, more importantly, welcome your participation in continuing to develop the IRM program over the coming decade.

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