Excel Beef Plants Adopt VerifEYE

Cargill's meat packing division, Excel, and eMerge Interactive, Inc. have hooked up to employ an innovative fluorescent light technology carcass inspection system. The VerifEYE Carcass Inspection System (CIS) provides automated carcass inspection, identifying areas of organic material that can potentially harbor dangerous pathogens such as E. coli 0157:H7, Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and others.

Cargill expects to install up to 15 CIS units by the end of 2004 — generating $20 million in lease revenues over three years.

David C. Warren, president and CEO of eMerge Interactive says the VerifEYE CIS enables the industry to flag possible contamination that's invisible to the naked eye. It provides an additional method of inspecting carcasses, further enhancing the quality assurance program of the beef processor, he says.

Bill Rupp, president of Excel Beef, says CIS is a natural addition to Excel's existing food safety efforts. Excel will begin using the technology in its Schuyler, NE, plant and plans are underway to begin installing the equipment in its other North American processing facilities.

CIS technology provides automated inspection of carcasses at line speeds up to 450 carcasses/hour while providing processors with trend and performance data to further improve carcass quality.

The deal marks a significant milestone in eMerge's growth as a food safety technology company. In fact, Warren says the initial revenue stream from this product marks a critical shift for eMerge from the development stage into commercialization.

“Together with our country-of-origin initiative, this is a major step towards our goal of achieving profitability in 2004,” he adds. It also moves fluorescent light technology one step closer towards rapid adoption among the U.S. beef processing industry.

CAFO Compliance Video

Operators of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) now list environmental issues among their top management concerns. A new video, “Environmental Management Guide For Feedlots And Dairies,” explains all the important aspects of the Environmental Protection Agency's confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) environmental regulations.

Hosted by cowboy humorist Baxter Black, the video describes how new CAFO regulations impact individual operations, and what is needed for regulatory compliance. The video applies to smaller, non-regulated animal feeding operations, with segments on manure and storm-water management, land application and recordkeeping issues.

The 22-minute video, which sells for $29.99, plus shipping, is a joint project of Brink, Inc., and Ft. Dodge Animal Health. For more info or to preview the video, visit www.brinkinc.biz. Order online or call 720/887-9933.