Side-by-side utility

Yamaha's ProHauler 700 and 1000 models combine a golf cart's ease of operation with the toughness of a farm and ranch utility vehicle. Both models feature a 357-cc engine. The ProHauler 700 features a 700-lb. payload, 9-in. ground clearance and a 6.1-gal. fuel capacity. Meanwhile, the ProHauler 1000 has a 1,000-lb. payload, rear suspension, 10-in. ground clearance and 75-in. wheelbase. Both models feature pedal on/off, bench seats and two-in. receiver hitches.
(Circle Reply Card No. 160)

Solar-Powered Gate

Court Security Systems offers an efficient solar-powered farm and ranch swing gate operator. The AGS 104 operator allows 190 opening and closing cycles per day with full sunlight. Without sunlight, the gate will provide 18 opening and closing cycles per day for nearly two weeks.
(Circle Reply Card No. 161)

Calf Stress Buster

Quali Tech introduces Sea-Questra-Min (SQM) to prevent or greatly reduce the effects of stress on growing calves. SQM provides key essential minerals and vitamins necessary to keep calves strong, while fully developing a healthy immune system to better ward off stress. Every ounce of SQM H.I.P. contains 450 mg of zinc, 400 mg of manganese, 100 mg of copper, 26,000 IU of vitamin A, 495 IU of vitamin E and 1 mg of both selenium and cobalt.
(Circle Reply Card No. 162)