First vaccine for Neosporosis

The world's first and only vaccine for bovine neosporosis — Intervet Inc.'s NeoGuard — announces full USDA approval. Neosporosis is a parasitic disease that can trigger spontaneous abortions or abnormal births in beef and dairy cattle. It primarily affects the brain and nervous system of the developing calf, which may result in an aborted fetus, a calf with abnormalities or an infected calf that has no obvious symptoms.

Recent research published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association indicates average daily gain in Neospora-positive steers was 0.37 lbs. lower than that in the seronegative test animals. That efficiency loss came not from suppressed appetite but suppressed feed conversion as a Neospora-positive steers required 2.16 lbs. of additional feed to increase live body weight by 1 lb.
(Circle Reply Card No. 116)

Economical Chute

Priefert introduces the Rancher, an all-steel chute economically priced for the majority of today's cattle herds. The unit comes standard with Model 97 manual headgate but may be ordered with the Model 91 manual/automatic headgate.
(Circle Reply Card No. 117)

Oral Calf Supplement

Diaqur from Felton Medical is a fast-acting oral supplement for stressed baby calves. The product's unique buffering system not only provides vital energy and electrolytes, but it can be mixed and fed with milk or milk replacer during times of intestinal tract upsets. In field trials, the supplement produced a 78% recovery rate within 24 hours and a 95% recovery rate within 48 hours in calves stressed by uncomplicated diarrhea. Sick calves should be fed every 8-10 hours for one or two days.
(Circle Reply Card No. 118)

Stock Prod Ultimate

Western Instrument Co., calls its Stinger “the ultimate in stock prod technology.” The lightweight prod uses 9-volt batteries and has a no-push button switch that activates only when contact is made with livestock, thus increasing reliability, conserving battery power, reducing hand fatigue and eliminating “shock back” through traditional switches. In addition, its V-tip design reduces tip damage and features a highly flexible, polycarbonate shaft, a unique audible and visual lighted display, and is available in 12-, 24- and 36-in. shafts.
(Circle Reply Card No. 119)

Pressure Washer Line

Tuff Pressure Washers' new line of electric-powered, hot water pressure washers feature a vertical burner design and easy-maneuvering hand truck design. The TVT series has a cleaning range of up to 4.2 gpm and 3,000 psi of pressure. The line includes 12 models, six with a belt-drive high-pressure pump and six with a direct-drive or direct-coupled pump. All feature the Legacy high-pressure pump with a five-year warranty. Four power options available.
(Circle Reply Card No. 120)

Powder River Chute

Powder River introduces its Value Chute. Designed for smaller producers, the chute is all steel and comes pre-assembled. The design includes a self-catching head gate, double-side squeeze and a side exit. A trailer is also available for easy transportation.
(Circle Reply Card 121)

Weighing Unit

For-Most Livestock Equipment introduces the For-Most Single Animal Scale Cage. Long enough to weigh the largest animals, the cage sits on Tru-Test loadbars and has adjustable sides for weighing calves, It also features easy-to-use, fully sheeted sliding gates on the front and back. It can be ordered portable or stationary with removable tongue and wheel assemblies.
(Circle Reply Card No. 122)

Bale And Wrap

Kverneland Group's Taarup BIO (bale-in-one) bales and wraps round bales for silage in one step. The compact, light BIO is great for use in small, awkward-sized fields. Because the bale is wrapped immediately after baling, air access is effectively blocked to ensure first-class feed quality. The baling/wrapping operation is completed almost as fast as just the baling operation using conventional machines.
(Circle Reply Card No. 124)

Tree Stump Cutter

StumpBuster SC-50-H, which mounts onto skid-steer loaders, can cut up to a 45-in.-diameter stump 12 in. below ground. It's powered by a minimum 25 gpm, high-flow hydraulic hook-up and features a steel cutting wheel, high-hub torque and carbide steel teeth. Single-direction cutting puts less stress on cylinders, bearings and the gear box. Two thick rubber shields pile most debris by the hole. Attaches easily and adjusts for tall or short stumps. From Shaver Manufacturing.
(Circle Reply Card No. 126)


Shield your equipment with nearly impervious duffel bags from C.C. Filson Co. Handcrafted of 22-oz./yard cotton twill that is impregnated with paraffin wax, the bag is available in four sizes and two colors — tan and otter. Features include corrosion-resistant zippers and hardware as well as 9-oz. bridle leather shoulder straps, handles and harnesses.
(Circle Reply Card No. 125)