DNA test service debuts first test

Ingenity L is the first test available through Merial's new cattle DNA testing service called Ingenity. The Ingenity L test identifies the gene responsible for producing leptin, a protein that regulates appetite, energy use, fat deposition and marbling in cattle. Testing for the protein through examination of an animal's hair follicle can provide insight into that animal's genetic potential with scientific precision, Merial says.

The company says the test can help add value to breeding stock, in the selection of sires of known genotype in commercial cow-calf breeding programs, sort cows by genotypes and match them to appropriate sires, manage finishing rations to match genotype and earn market quality incentives, and identify feeder calves of known quality for retained ownership.

The test kits will be sold online or through Merial sales personnel. Producers supply animal hair samples for the test, and receive genotype information via e-mail or hard copy.
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Sel-Plex® selenium yeast from All-Tech Inc. has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for use in beef and dairy feeds. The only organic selenium source that has undergone FDA review, Sel-Plex is a supplement to nature's form of selenium, which is an essential part of the body's antioxidant defense system and needed for normal growth and reproduction, but is often limited in modern food animal diets.
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New Label

Novartis Animal Vaccines announces USDA approval of Scour Bos 9 for administration at 8-16 weeks prior to calving as an initial dose the first year of vaccination. The new label gives producers the additional flexibility for vaccinating first-calf heifers and mature cows receiving their first dose of Scour Bos 9. Producers can now initiate a scours prevention program at preg check to protect calves against scours due to E. coli, rotavirus, coronavirus, Clostridium perfringens Type C.
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Rock Picker

Haybuster's 3106 Rock Picker works fast and clears a swath 10-ft. wide of rocks ranging from 2 to 15 in. in diameter.
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Feedlot Software

Advanced Livestock Tracker feedlot management software from Advanced Computer Services is a Windows®-based version that maintains all the simple-to-use aspects of John Wilson's original software. Yielding detailed information critical for the daily and long-term success of a feeding operation, a new Custom Report module allows customized reports, while the Outside Cattle and Commodity Posting modules have been upgraded to Windows®. In addition, the recently developed Pocket Version add-on places all pen information in the palm of a manager's hand.
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