The 2nd National Conference on Grazing Lands, set for Dec. 7-10 in Nashville, TN, will center on practical grazing management strategies. The conference is an effort of the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative aimed at increasing awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of private grazing lands among producers, landowners and the public.

The conference format includes nearly 100 presentations on grazing management topics by academia, farmers, ranchers and agency personnel. Presentations will center on four categories:

  • The building of partnerships between agricultural, grazing and urban communities;

  • Successful cutting-edge management technologies for grazing practices;

  • Economic and public policy implications of grazing; and

  • Optimizing grazing land health for environmental and social benefits.

A number of federal agency officials will be on hand, including: Bruce Knight, Natural Resources Conservation Service chief; Dale Bosworth, U.S. Forest Service chief; Kathleen Clarke, Bureau of Land Management director; Colien Hefferan, Cooperative States Research Education and Extension Service administrator; and Ed Knipling, Agricultural Research Service acting director.

To register, or for more info, go to and click on “grazing conference.”