Vacci-Test Corp. says it will by offer by fall “a simple, reliable and economical diagnostic tool” for the detection in “live” cattle of infectious brain diseases, including BSE.

The test measures immunity and the presence of infectious diseases in both animals and humans by a simple blood test that determines the presence of a protein marker (Protein 14-3-3) that identifies brain infections such as BSE in cattle or variant Creutzfeldt-Jakobs disease in humans. Bill Hogan, president and CEO, says the test will make affordable mass testing of live cattle in the field possible with results readable in less than 30 minutes.

Currently BSE can only be detected postmortem in a days' long lab procedure significantly more expensive than the “pre-mortem” Vacci-Test, Hogan says. He expects the cost to be about $20/animal, with availability in North America this fall. To learn more, visit