Duralease by Merial is the first implant to use liquid suspension technology by combining sustained-release estradiol benzoate with Theraphase technology. Theraphase provides long-duration release of a controlled dose of growth stimulant to cattle. Providing a constant, sustained-release of estradiol benzoate has proven to increase the rate of weight gain and feed efficiency in fed cattle. Duralease uses a standard syringe to deliver a small, 1-mL dose.
(Circle Reply Card No. 160)

Target Pasture Weeds

Farmers and ranchers can now use PastureGard to control brush and broadleaf weeds on rangeland and pastures. The herbicide, manufactured by Dow AgroSciences, can be tank-mixed with fertilizer or broadleaf herbicides for broadcast applications; used to control blackberry, rose and privet complexes in the southeast U.S.; or used as an effective broadcast option for Sericea lespedeza in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. PastureGard is not a federally restricted-use pesticide, and does not contain 2,4-D.
(Circle Reply Card No. 161)

Self-regulating gate

Eliminate gates and cattle guards with the Gatekeeper by Agri-tronics. Unlike all other electronic gate systems or conventional cattleguards, the Gatekeeper has no moving parts. It uses series of near ultra-sonic, double modulated sound pulses to repel cattle. And, the sonic frequencies have, in most cases, no effect on horses. The motion detection system used by the Gatekeeper is completely self-regulating, so there are absolutely no adjustments to worry about.
(Circle Reply Card No. 162)

Rodent Control Web Site

Motomco, a manufacturer of rodent control products, has redesigned its Web site www.motomco.com. The Web site is organized into three sections — producer, retailer and homeowner. Each section offers in-depth information for situation-specific rodent issues. Information is also provided about rodents and baiting, products, situation-specific tips and support materials.
(Circle Reply Card No. 163)

Stacking Bales

The Automatic Stack Saver by Westendorf Mfg. eliminates messy stacks and the dangers of falling bales. Models are available for big-square bales and round bales. The Stack Saver has a mechanical push-off that eliminates the need for extra valves, extra hoses, hydraulic couplers or extra cylinders. It fits most makes and models of loaders and is available in many different tine configurations.
(Circle Reply Card No. 164)

Self-Propelled Swathers

Massey Ferguson's 9000 Series self-propelled swathers (MF 9220 and 9420) are built to handle tough field conditions and heavy crops. The increased durability starts with the welded, all-steel frame. The MF 9220 is powered by a waste gate turbocharged B3.3T delivering 85 hp. A waste gate turbocharged 4.50 SBTII delivering 110 hp powers the MF 9420.

The servo-assisted, hydro-control handle raises and lowers header and reel height, controls direction and ground speed, as well as reel speed and header tilt. The operator control panel houses draper speed and shift controls, optional reel fore and aft control switches and header engagement toggle switch.
(Circle Reply Card No. 165)

Brochures Available

Quali Tech Inc. has developed two, free, comprehensive guides outlining the benefits of trace-mineral supplementation. One guide is specifically for beef producers; the other describes Quali Tech's Sea-Questra-Min trace mineral technology.
(Circle Reply Card No. 166)

Monitoring Wind

Onset Computer Corp. is offering the HOBO Wind Monitoring Station, a cost-effective, data-logger system for measuring and recording wind speed and direction. The station accepts up to four wind speed and direction sensors, making it ideal for wind profiling at multiple heights, and reports average wind speeds, wind gusts and wind direction. It also features battery-powered operation and wireless data retrieval.
(Circle Reply Card No. 167)