Centurion, from Schering-Plough Corp., aids in reducing liver abscesses in feedlot cattle. Manufactured from two common types of bacteria involved in the development of abscesses, Centurion vaccinates had 37% fewer liver abscesses than their non-medicated/non-vaccinated counterparts. A 2-mL, one-time dose is recommended for calves going on aggressive feed programs.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Protect newborn calves

Guardian maternal vaccine, by Schering-Plough Corp., helps protect newborn calves against scours caused by rotavirus, coronavirus, E. coli and Clostridium perfringens types B, C and D. Scours is the leading cause of newborn calf mortality.

In challenge-of-immunity studies, the rotavirus, coronavirus and E. coli components of Guardian were proven effective, with mortality reduced 95% in the E. coli challenge alone. A two-dose regimen of Guardian is recommended the first year followed by a single dose annually.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Ninth Merck manual

Merck & Co. and Merial have released the ninth edition of The Merck Veterinary Manual. With 35 new chapters and addressing topics on avian flu, monkey pox and biosecurity, it also features expanded sections on West Nile encephalitis and chronic wasting disease, and an updated section on diseases transmissible to humans. It also includes expanded coverage on epidemiological factors or pathogenesis, and new diagnostic modalities for diseases like BSE and heartworm disease.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Grapple rakes

The Split-top Grapple Rake, Worksaver's next Grapple Rake Series generation, features dual independent upper grapples for holding uneven-sized loads. Grapple Rakes are designed to pick up brush and other debris. The Split-top is designed to fit skid steers or tractor front loaders, and is available in 62- and 77-in. widths.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Pregnancy test

BioPRYN, from BioTracking LLC, uses bovine blood serum for pregnancy testing in cattle. It's a fast way to detect pregnancy early in gestation and is safe for the embryo. Detect pregnancy as early as 30 days post-insemination by evaluating blood samples for the presence of pregnancy-specific protein B. BioPRYN is 99% correct when it detects cows pregnant and 93-95% correct when it detects cows open. The lower percentage is due, in part, to embryo loss. Results are available the day after delivery to the lab.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Revaccination approval

NeoGuard, an Intervet vaccine to reduce the incidence of neosporosis-induced abortions in cows, has received USDA approval for new revaccination label guidelines. Revaccination during subsequent pregnancies requires just one dose rather than two, reducing labor time, cattle stress and vaccine costs by as much as $7/head.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Lutalyse in 100-mL vials

Pfizer Animal Health now offers Lutalyse in 20-dose, 100-mL vials. The larger vials provide added convenience when administering prostaglandin in conjunction with breeding programs.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Calf scours control tips

When a scours outbreak occurs, prevention of new cases is important. Novartis Animal Health sponsored a roundtable discussion in which five experts offered helpful solutions on how to prevent and treat scours outbreaks. Their solutions are summarized in a free booklet of information on the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of calf scours.
(Circle Reply Card No. 108)

Data-management program

Schering Plough Animal Health's Tri-Merit Individual Animal Health & History Certification Program is a data management system that combines traditional process certification with individual animals and their birth dates. Designed to help producers market their cattle and gain the potential benefit of individual process and age verification, the program lays a foundation for market pressures associated with the pending implementation of the National Animal Identification System.
(Circle Reply Card No. 109)

Vaccinator flush kit

Proper cleaning of Prima Tech USA vaccinators is the purpose behind the new Prima Flush Kit. Designed to flush the vaccinator's interior and eliminate vaccinator malfunction, the kit is easy to operate. Use a tub to connect the vaccinator's inlet valve to the screw cap of the kit, which attaches to the faucet. Then increase the water pressure until the vaccinator is completely flushed.
(Circle Reply Card No. 110)

Heavy-duty wheel rake

Designed for commercial hay operators, Frontier Equipment's WR1417 heavy duty high-capacity wheel rake increases productivity in the field. The rake has 17, 60-in. raking wheels with solid plastic panels to minimize hay climb and reduce hay loss from poor windrow formation. Each wheel's 36 durable teeth, and anti-wrap bearing guards, help prevent bearing failure and wheel stalling.
(Circle Reply Card No. 112)

Spreader trailer mount

Nutrient management regulations require precise applications of all waste disposals. The Roto-Spread model 362-12 Spreader Trailer Mount offers complete control of the variable hydraulic flow controls to meet these regulations.

Features include high-density polyethylene on floor, sidewalls and end gate to prevent rust. Two, 30-in.-dia., high-speed vertical beaters with spinners, flighting and chisel-point kickers assure precise application. It also contains adjustable wings on the beater assembly for variable discharge width and two hydraulic motors to drive the beater assembly.
(Circle Reply Card No. 111)

West Nile treatment

The West Nile Virus (WNV) Antibody, from Colorado Serum Co., is recommended when WNV is detected in unvaccinated horses. IV-administered, the WNV antibody neutralizes the virus. Concentrated and purified, it contains higher levels of specific antibodies for reduced dosage volume, and meets USDA field safety requirements for use in yearling or older horses.
(Circle Reply Card No. 113)

Landscraper implement

The Westendorf Landscraper, from Westendorf Manufacturing, is ideal for forming and maintaining drainage ditches, removing snow, constructing terraces, reclaiming land or spreading rock and gravel. Available in 8-, 10- and 12-ft. models, it features a 3-in. lift cylinder, 15-in. standard rims and an extra strong tongue constructed of square tubular steel.

The blade is completely operable and adjustable from the tractor seat. An easy-to-monitor, tilt gauge rod shows the cutting depth, and the hydraulic tip options allow independent blade adjustment up to 12 in.
(Circle Reply Card No. 114)