July 1 is the deadline for submission of nominations for the “BEEF Top 40.” Designed to recognize 40 beef industry leaders, living or deceased, who made notable contributions to the U.S. beef industry the past 40 years, the listing will be part of special coverage planned for our 40th anniversary issue in September.

Longtime readers of BEEF likely remember a similar project for our 25th anniversary issue in September 1989. The honorees — nominated by readers with final selections made by an independent panel of judges — were industry professionals representing all production segments, as well as allied industry and academia.

Here's a listing of folks honored as “25 Who Made A Difference.”

  • Patricia Adrian, rancher and beef promotion leader from South Dakota who was a leader in the passage of the Beef Promotion and Research Act.

  • Charles Ball, chief architect of the powerful Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

  • Frank Baker, founder of the Beef Improvement Federation.

  • Earl Brookover, Kansas commercial cattle-feeding pioneer.

  • O.D. Butler, architect of the Texas A&M University (TAMU) meat science program.

  • Bartley Cardon, Arizona educator, scientist and agribusiness leader, who helped organize the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology.

  • William D. Farr, patriarch of the Colorado cattle feeding enterprise.

  • Don L. Good, Kansas State University (KSU) animal scientist, headed and built KSU's animal science program.

  • H.C. “Ladd” Hitch, Jr., Oklahoma rancher, cattle feeder, branded-beef pioneer, and risk-management visionary.

  • James Leachman, Montana livestock development and merchandising pioneer.

  • Glen Lofgreen, New Mexico researcher and developer of the California Net Energy System.

  • Kenneth Monfort, a Colorado feeding and beef packing innovator.

  • Charles Murphey, the nation's authority on livestock and meat standards and specifications for a generation.

  • Robert Oltjen, ruminant nutrition researcher and former head of the USDA's Meat Animal Research Center (MARC).

  • Robert Peterson, president and builder of IBP.

  • Arthur Raun, a Lilly Research Laboratories' scientist who led the development of the first ionophore.

  • Eugene Ritchey, invented the flexible, one-piece ear tag.

  • Charles Scruggs, founder of the Southwest Animal Health Research Foundation, played a principal role in screwworm eradiation.

  • Gary Smith, former TAMU meat science researcher and administrator, whose work served as the scientific database for USDA's yield, quality and feeder-cattle grades.

  • Jo Ann Smith, beef promotion leader from Florida and the first female president of the National Cattlemen's Association.

  • J.W. “Bill” Swan, Idaho rancher and champion of the Public Rangeland Improvement Act of 1978.

  • Topper Thorpe, the first market analyst hired by Cattle-Fax, fashioned the unequalled data series on cattle and beef.

  • Richard Willham, generally regarded as father of national beef sire evaluation, is the creator of the expected progeny difference (EPD) selection tool.

  • Donald Williams, DVM, was a critical player in the go-ahead for Phase II of the National Consumer Retail Beef Study, the catalyst for closer trim of beef cuts.

  • The MARC beef cattle research team of Robert Koch, Larry Cundiff and Keith Gregory significantly improved the production efficiency and carcass merit of beef cattle throughout the world.

Now, BEEF wants to develop a new hall of heroes for 2004. Send in your nominations by going to www.beef-mag.com and filling out the form for the BEEF Top 40.

Or, provide us with a nomination that includes the name of the nominee, his or her title, the reasons that person should be recognized, and how their contribution impacted the industry the past 40 years. Be sure to include your name and contact information in case more information is needed.

Send your nomination to The BEEF Top 40, BEEF magazine, 7900 International Dr., Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55425. Thanks for helping us out.