It's my pleasure this month to introduce BEEF magazine readers to, our spanking new online encyclopedia of management information devoted exclusively to beef cow-calf production. Launched in early January, this one-of-a-kind cattle industry Web site offers more than 2,000 links to North America's latest and most pertinent fact sheets and university research reports for cow-calf production and management.

Looking for something on alternative feeds, biosecurity, beef quality assurance or breeding and genetics? Go to How about bull management, business management and marketing? Your first choice should be

Beyond those topics you'll find plenty more from calving management to feed by-products, information management — just about anything having to do with running a successful cow-calf operation.

And there's much more among the 25 major categories of information and hundreds of sub-categories available on the site. At, you can search by topic or title, plus gain easy access to a multitude of breed association Web sites. You can also access the archives of BEEF magazine and BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly, our free, weekly electronic newsletter.

In the coming months, more features will be added to the site, including more research resources, a Private Treaty Bullpen, auction market show lists and reports, as well as a one-stop shop for ranch horse information.

Our Latest Effort For You is the latest effort by BEEF editors to make information gathering as easy as possible for you, our readers. The effort began years ago with our magazine Web site, which gives readers access to BEEF magazine's story archives and links to our sister publications — Hay & Forage Grower, Farm Industry News, Soybean Digest, National Hog Farmer and our four regional Farm Press books.

Stocker Information

We followed that up in September 2001with the debut of, the world's top clearinghouse for stocker cattle management information.

A joint project between BEEF magazine and Kansas State University, the site attracted more than 100,000 visitors in its first year, with visitors downloading tens of thousands of fact sheets, calculators, research reports and meeting proceedings. In addition, visitors can also find price and weather information, nutrient analyses, distance learning opportunities, news, research and more on the site.

Weekly News Online

Then last July, we added BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly, our weekly online newsletter that doesn't just repackage old industry news but rather provides insight and opinion to those beef industry happenings. In just five months, the circulation of BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly has surged to almost 30,000 weekly readers and created quite an industry buzz. To sign up, just go to

Which brings us to our latest industry-leading innovation — Taken together, these tools are designed to help our beef industry audience more easily learn about and understand the challenging industry in which we're all engaged.

I hope you'll give our new Web site a good look-see. Check it out, check it often and let us know what you think. We want to make all of these BEEF magazine products — all of which are free, by the way — as useful and navigable as possible for you.

From everyone at BEEF magazine, best wishes for a prosperous, profitable and healthy 2003.