Proceedings for the “Managing and Marketing Quality Holstein Steers” conference recently held in Rochester, MN, are available for purchase. Available in a spiral-bound hard copy (360 pages) or on CD, the cost for each is $30, which includes shipping and handling.

Find a link to the order form at Or request a form from the University of Minnesota Extension Service Regional Center in Rochester by calling 1-888/241-4536.

The proceedings include 30 presentations from the conference plus extra research reports related to Holstein beef production and marketing. Included in the presentations are:

  • Beef outlook
  • Nutrition of wet calves
  • Nutrition of growing and finishing steers
  • Housing management
  • Cold climate housing
  • Feedlot nutrition management
  • Breeding and genetics
  • Grazing
  • Markets and risk management
  • Implant strategies
  • Health and disease management
  • Meat quality management.