Solar Energizer

Tru-Test's Speedrite solar energizer Model S250 combines a 2.6 watt solar panel with a 12 volt rechargeable battery to produce 0.25 joules of output power. Battery management system monitors energy coming in through solar panel, amount of loading on the fence, charge status of the battery and voltage output level. Control panel can be set to full or half power, fast or slow pulse speed or night mode.
(Circle Reply Card No. 110)

Gate Closer

The Gate Closer for barbed wire gates from E-Z Products has a handle on both sides of the gate and an easy-to-operate ratchet holding mechanism. Can be padlocked.
(Circle Reply Card No. 112)

Hi-Tensile Fencing

Stay-Tite fencing is made from 12.5 gauge, hi-tensile, class 3, galvanized wire that won't stretch. This, combined with a deep crimp allows the fence to be put up, tightened and it will remain tight for the life of the fence.
(Circle Reply Card No. 113)

Post Hole Digger

The versatile Worksaver 924H skid-steer post hole digger mounts directly to skid-steer loaders equipped with universal quick attach. It provides better reach over fence lines, shrubs and other obstructions.
(Circle Reply Card No. 111)

Smart Fence Fix

Electric fence users can easily find electric faults with the SMARTFIX from Gallagher Power Fence. The hand-held digital Fault Finder has a large display panel that indicates direction of the fault and measures voltage, current and direction of the current flow.
(Circle Reply Card No. 114)

Post Hole Digger

From Triple C, the Hydra Bed system offeras an optional hydraulically powered post hole digger, the Hydra PHD. Capable of digging holes up to 14-in. in diameter in nearly all conditions, it can be used on any tractor, skid-steer loader or machine that produces 2500 psi and 4-15 gpm of hydraulic output. Protection provided by the hydraulic drive eliminates shear bolt breakage. Power reversibility feature allows backing the auger out of problem holes.
(Circle Reply Card No. 115)

Fence Step Over

Cross T-post fences with ease using the cast aluminum alloy Hi-Stepper from Modern Farm. It slips over T-post lugs and locks in place, giving you a 4-in. wide step on each side of the fence. Weighs 8 oz.
(Circle Reply Card No. 116)

Gate Latch

The Latch LLC gate latch now comes with a channel back plate for welding to pipe posts. To operate, pull up on pin on latch and the gate is free to swing either way. To close, just give the gate a push and it latches automatically.
(Circle Reply Card No. 117)

Fence Line Tightner

Cameo Fencing's Ezy-Way fence line tightner works on all sizes of polywire including Maxi Grunt and 14- and 16-gauge steel wire.
(Circle Reply Card No. 118)

Wire Winder

Pro-Tatch's 3-pt. hydraulic wire winder is now being manufactured to work on other applications such as the Dew Eze hydraulic bed. The units holds up to ½ mile of barbed wire or smooth wire. Comes complete with ball valve, hoses and TRW hydraulic motor.
(Circle Reply Card No. 119)

T-Post Driver

The air-powered T-post driver from Rohrer Manufacturing features durable steel construction and has an operating speed of 80-85 strokes/minute. It runs off any small air compressor that delivers at least 2.2 cu. ft. of air at 70-90 psi. Its compact size makes remote locations and tight spots accessible.
(Circle Reply Card No. 120)

Fence Post Caps

Bright yellow Re-Flex fence post caps from CPC make fence posts more visible to humans and animals. The soft rubber caps are available in four sizes for both the “T” and “U” pole.
(Circle Reply Card No. 121)

Corner Post

The Mule corner post and anchor system from Geotek features all-fiberglass post construction with a protective UV coating for strength and durability. Screw-in steel anchors are easy to install and hold in any terrain.
(Circle Reply Card No. 122)


Twin Mountain Fence Co. offers six energizer units including electric, battery and solar. Electric models range from the E150, a 110 volt, 15 mile, 1.5 joule unit to the E1200, a 110 volt, 120 mile, 12 joule unit. The B100 and B500 battery-powered units are offered in 1 joule, 10 miles or 5 joule, 50 miles. Solar unit is 12-volt, 0.20 joule, 2 miles.
(Circle Reply Card No. 123)