Colorado State University (CSU) says the Lamar research facility owned by the Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding LLC has been donated to its College of Agricultural Sciences. The gift, valued at $2.5 million, establishes the Southeastern Colorado Research Center (SCRC), a center for animal food safety, nutrition, environmental impact and management research within CSU's Department of Animal Sciences.

SCRC comprises nearly 15 acres and will hold about 1,500 head of cattle. Through a partnership and operating agreement, Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding will provide cattle for research purposes for at least five years and will supply feed and supplements to meet their nutritional needs.

In May, Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding was formed as a stand-alone joint venture consisting of six feedyards previously owned by ContiBeef and four feedyards previously owned by MF Cattle Feeding. Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding has 10 feedyards in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Idaho and Kansas.