BC Natural (BCN) Foods, licensed packer for Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) Natural, raised the premium offered for natural cattle from $5/cwt. to $10/cwt., on Sept. 1. Neal Odom, BCN director of calf and feeder procurement, says the premium will be available for all “natural” cattle finished in CAB-licensed feedlots.

The all-natural production criteria include no implants, antibiotics (including fed antibiotics) or feeding of animal by-products.

Odom says market volatility can discourage cow-calf suppliers from retaining ownership of their calves. It's hoped the new premium will help producers manage the risk. BCN also helps producers market their cattle, even without retained ownership.

Producers can also gain profits on other grid requirements outside the natural component, Odom adds. Hide brand location, quality grade, carcass weight, ribeye area, backfat thickness, kidney-pelvic-heart (KPH) fat percentage and Angus influence create additional premiums or discounts.