Novartis Animal Health has updated its Vira Shield vaccine line to include Vira Shield 6+L5. It's the only inactivated viral vaccination combination to include L. hardjo-bovis, the most common strain of bovine leptospirosis, as well as protection against four other leptospires. It also provides protection against BVD, IBR, BRSV and PI3. Protection against Haemophilus somnus is available in the Vira Shield 6+L5 Somnus vaccine. The inactive components in Vira Shield 6+L5 are safe to use in pregnant females, calves, heifers, cows and bulls.
(Circle Reply Card No. 116)

Liquid horn fly control

The first liquid product targeting horn flies — Altosid® IGR 1% Liquid Feed-Thru Concentrate, from Wellmark International — prevents irritation, bleeding and weight loss in cattle affected by horn flies. Altosid IGR 1% contains methoprene, an insect growth regulator that interrupts the horn fly life cycle, preventing fly pupae from developing into breeding, biting adults.
(Circle Reply Card No. 117)

Drill with power

Black & Decker's new FireStorm Drill/Drivers offer the highest-rated power in their class. The 24-, 18-, 14.4- and 12-volt cordless, high-torque, high-spec drills offer power, runtime and performance of a professional. Each drill comes with two FSX-TREME Extended Run batteries, which are interchangeable with other FireStorm cordless tools. In addition, a dual-port charger charges two batteries at once.
(Circle Reply Card No. 118)