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The Nov. 14-15 workshop in Oklahoma City's Clarion Hotel aims to provide attendees with the background, tools and the environment to make the connections for involvement, and the potential rewards offered, in the new beef-value chain.

The first day's program outlines the opportunity available in the new beef-value chain. The second day is devoted to how to link your production into that chain.

Among the topics to be discussed are:

  • How U.S. beef consumers define quality.

  • Quality, profit and the cattle cycle.

  • International competition and opportunities for U.S. quality beef.

  • Current international beef trade opportunities.

  • Producers discussing how they are getting paid for the quality they produce.

  • What to look for in selecting a marketing partner — a panel discussion.

  • A value-chain production and marketing workshop — attendees will learn how to match typical production and identification scenarios with available markets for the cattle, and management adjustments needed to make the “next” calf crop fit a chosen market.

  • Linking up with a marketing partner — an opportunity to meet with marketing channel representatives.

The days of commodity marketing are sliding into history. Experts say there will always be a commodity market but those participating in it will find increasingly shrinking opportunity as the world moves more into coordinated systems designed to produce and reward value. Delivering a roadmap into that world is the idea behind the BEEF Quality Summit.

For more detail on speakers, topics, accommodations and registration, visit and click on the “BEEF Quality Summit” box in the top right corner of the opening page. Or call 952/851-4695.