With next month's September issue, BEEF magazine formally commemorates its 40th year of publication. Pictured below in this column is a mock up of what BEEF magazine will look like when it celebrates that milestone next month.

BEEF will commemorate the start of its 41st year of publication with a retooling inside and out. The most obvious, of course, will be the new cover design, which has been reworked to a more contemporary business journal style. Inside, you'll find new typefaces and fonts, redesigned departments and feature pages, and new industry coverage wrinkles, all highlighted by a new color pallet for the magazine.

Reader Visability

All these changes are designed to better serve you, the reader, by making the publication even more informational, easier to read and more attractive. They're also intended to better utilize the synergies between the BEEF monthly printed product and our electronic innovations of the past few years.

These electronic efforts include our 40,000-circulation, weekly, electronic newsletter — BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly, which celebrated its second year of publication last month. It also includes our three Web sites — www.beef-mag.com, which contains BEEF magazine monthly editorial archives, and other reference materials; www.beefcowcalf.com, a storehouse of 2,000 research papers and fact sheets devoted exclusively to cow-calf production and management topics; and www.beefstockerusa.org, our collaborative Internet effort with Kansas State University devoted exclusively to the stocker cattle segment of the industry.

All this is designed to better serve our readers by helping BEEF editorial staff better meet the six tenets we strive to meet each month in serving our beef industry readership. They are trust, accuracy, relevancy, clarity, ease of use, and usefulness to the reader.

You can see the entire redesigned product in your mailbox next month.

Special Coverage

Speaking of next month's issue, you will also see a lot of special anniversary coverage. The magazine will offer both retrospective on the past 40 years and perspective on what leading industry experts see ahead for this dynamic U.S. beef industry.

The whole package will be led off by the unveiling of the BEEF Top 40, a feature that will recognize 40 beef industry leaders, whose significant contributions to the efficiency, productivity and health of the U.S. beef industry help the business move ahead. All nominations were by readers with final selections to the BEEF Top 40 made by an independent panel of judges.

Check it out and let us know what you think about the new look of BEEF.