Four-year-old Aiden Shugert stands proudly next to a set of triplets born on his folks' (Robert and Katie Shugert) Lore City, OH, farm in late February. Katie reports the calves were all born unassisted, rose and suckled on their own, as Robert watched.

With calving of their 1,600 purebred females “about more than halfway through,” Katie estimates they've recorded “about 30” multiple births thus far, all of them twins except for this set of triplets.

The triplet's dam is 10-year-old Leachman Middlebrook F3007, an Angus Pathfinder cow artificially bred to Integrity. The Shugerts are a cooperator herd with Leachman Cattle of Colorado.

“This year, F3007 is helping us take advantage of high calf prices,” Katie quips.

Most of the Shugerts' cattle pasture on reclaimed strip-mined land, Katie says.

“We strive to keep our input costs low, streamlining the operation as much as possible while still putting out a high-quality end product,” she says.