Twin-auger mixers
Kuhn Knight’s VTC 180 and 1100 Vertical Maxx mixers are twin-auger commercial mixers ideal for commercial producers who feed around the clock. Improved feed movement provides a fast, complete mix for a consistent, fluffy and palatable ration.

The models feature extended-wear components and a two-speed, split planetary drive – the heaviest and strongest in its class – for reliability and longer life. The redesigned tub results in a lower loading height and decreased tread width by tucking the trailer tires under the unit shell. The models are available with a single- or tandem-axle trailer, as well as a truck mount option, and come in capacities of 800-1,100 cu. ft.

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Gators XUV line

John Deere’s 2011 lineup of Gator™ XUVs includes the new Gator XUV 825i – the fastest, most powerful Gator ever. Engineered for high performance and versatility, these Crossover Utility Vehicles (XUV) boast 50-hp engines with superior low-end torque the toughest tasks and terrain. With a top end of 44 mph, the 825i features an 815-cc, liquid-cooled, inline 3-cylinder engine with four valves/cylinder, dual overhead cams and electronic fuel injection.

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Sekurus™ Syringe
The Sekurus syringe from Simcro™ Animal Health Delivery Systems is a 12-mL, two-stage activated syringe available for producers and veterinarians. Featuring a patented technology with self-tenting and needle-guard features to
reduce the chance of self injection, the syringe boasts an accuracy
rating of 97%.

To be activated, the trigger must be pulled and the syringe pushed against the animal. The self-tenting feature ensures operators’ hands are clear from the injection-site area, and the needle guard provides extra insurance against accidental punctures.

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Hydraulic kick bars

Moly Manufacturing introduces Hydraulic Kick Bars for its Silencer hydraulic squeeze chute. Available on all nine Moly regular and extended length Silencer hydraulic squeeze chutes, the bars hydraulically rotate in behind the restrained animal, adding operator safety from potential animal rear leg kicking motion. In the aft position, the kick bars hydraulically tuck away in the rear walk-through door, out of the way, for continued, efficient animal flow into the chute. The kick bars also discourage animals from backing up when exiting the chute.

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