Lean Finely Textured Beef

Recent media interest in lean finely textured beef (LFTB), which some have wrongly labeled "pink slime," has caused some confusion and backlash among consumers. LFTB is a safe product that producers a leaner, cheaper end product for consumer. The American Meat Institute explains that LFTB is simply beef that has been separated from the fat in beef trimmings. Trimmings are chunks of meat that result when large carcasses are broken down into steaks, roasts and other cuts.

In the past, these trimmings were wasted because a surgeon's skill was required to separate the lean from fat and create a product that consumers would enjoy. But 20 years ago, a new technology became available that helped prevent the waste of wholesome, lean beef. This product has been on the market place for nearly two decades, but recent misinformation has caused Beef Products Inc., the main manufacturer of this product, to close the doors to three out of four of their plants. This page is a resource to learn the truth about LFBT, a product that is safe to feed to your families.

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