As you start cattle or prepare to send cattle to be fed, ask your feedyard to share its pathogen surveillance program results with you and your veterinarian.

  • What bugs are being seen today?
  • How much of each bug is present?
  • What to vaccinate against?
  • What specific vaccines to use?
  • If an animal dies, what did it die of specifically?
  • Was there a virus or underlying cause that should be included in the vaccination program?
  • Is it a pen problem or a yard problem?
  • Should the starter program be adjusted?

Sidebar: Questions that surveillance can answer for feedlot managers.

  • Why particular vaccines and antibiotics are being used?
  • What are they dying from and what evidence tells me that?
  • What’s causing it?
  • How can it be prevented?
  • If it’s in progress, how can a wreck be avoided?
  • Can surveillance help market the yard to current and prospective