Bruss Horn, DVM, and Dennis White, PhD, have launched a new website to provide cattle producers detailed information on how to manage their weaning and stocker calves to control and prevent coccidiosis.

The site, features information about products for prevention and treatment and management practices to help minimize the disease. Pictures of animals with coccidiosis are shown so the producer can more easily identify the symptoms of the disease.

If a producer wants a program to prevent the disease in weaning and stocker calves, a program is outlined including cost per head per day for the various products cleared by FDA for coccidiosis. Labeled doses for the various products are also included on the website.

Coccidiosis most often occurs in the fall of the year around weaning time or when calves are commingled in preparation for turning out on wheat pasture. Wet conditions and crowding, which stress the calves, are common problems and all of these issues are addressed on the website. In addition, provides contact information for direct inquiries.