The Wyoming Livestock Board next month will decide whether to expand the designated surveillance areas for control of Brucellosis to all of Park and Lincoln counties.

Brucellosis was recently found in two cattle herds and one bison herd in Park County, says Wyoming State Veterinarian Jim Logan. Wild elk were the source of the disease.

At present, only the part of Park County west of U.S. Highway 120 is in the surveillance area, along with all of Sublette and Teton counties and northern Lincoln County.

The recent Park County Brucellosis cases were found in the current surveillance area within the county.

The livestock board had a policy in the past to vaccinate and test cattle statewide for brucellosis. The program was abandoned because it was too expensive and, moreover, cattle outside of Yellowstone National Park were and are at low risk of contracting the disease.

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