Thanks to financial support from a multi-state extension group, beef producers are now able to access the Bovine Estrus Synchronization Planner on the web at no charge.

The Estrus Synchronization Planner V11 for cattle producers includes the latest recommendations for application of estrus synchronization protocols and is now available as a free download from the Iowa Beef Center.

The planner is a spreadsheet that assists herd managers in selecting a protocol, planning for implementation and creating a calendar to ensure the appropriate activity occurs on the correct day, says Sandy Johnson, Kansas State University (KSU) livestock specialist.

The Extension group – the Beef Reproductive Task Force – updated the web tool to help beef cattle producers make decisions for the breeding season. Johnson, who is based in Colby, KS, represents KSU Research and Extension on the task force, which is comprised of specialists from KSU, the University of Missouri, University of Nebraska, South Dakota State University, University of Florida and University of Idaho.

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