Like most western South Dakota ranchers, Jim Johnson relies on his ranches' dams to provide his cow/calf herd with an adequate water supply.

“Dams help spread out your grazing. When my dams are full my cows don't have to travel as far to the water tanks,” said Johnson, 59, who ranches 13 miles north of Quinn, SD.

When a downpour took out a 13-acre dam on his ranch this spring he knew that unless he was able to cost share its repair, it would be a few years before he'd be able to spend the $9,300 to repair it. That's when Dave Kimble with the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks (GFP) stepped in to help.

“Most of our programs are geared toward agriculture producers and designed to have dual benefit for livestock production and wildlife habitat,” said Kimble, private lands habitat biologist for South Dakota GF&F.

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