As I write this article the thermometer reads 19 below and it tempts me to write about cold stress in cows but we all know it just takes more feed, either grazed or fed to keep cow condition, so will wish you the best in getting through this cold spell. I am glad they are meeting in Copenhagen now discussing global warming as my water sources could sure use some help now.

I recently attended the Range Beef Cow Symposium in Casper, WY and I am excited and enjoyed hearing of many new technologies, especially about the opportunities to identify cattle that excel in feed efficiency. This has tremendous potential to have a positive impact on the cattle industry as we know feed costs are by far the largest expense we have and we know we have tremendous differences within cattle in each herd. Even though individual gene testing is not practical for the commercial producer at this time we know its accuracy and application will improve in the future. It is also exciting to learn that some leading seedstock producers have already put considerable emphasis on finding the more efficient cattle and are making them available to their customers. It is exciting to think that in the future the accuracy of EPDs can be increased considerably in yearling bulls plus down the road perhaps some accurate predictions can be made on some important economical traits very early in the calf's life.

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