Corn planting and emergence has made some headway in the past two weeks, but still lags last year and the five-year average, according USDA’s latest Crop Progress report. As of June 9, USDA reports that 95% of the corn had been planted in the 18 states that accounted for 92% of the 2012 corn acreage. That compares to 100% of the crop planted the same time last year, and the five-year average (2008-12) of 98%. The June 2 figure was 91%.

Four states reported completion of corn planting as of June 9. These include Colorado, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio. South Dakota was at 99%, while Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas were at 98% planted. Wisconsin was most behind at 81%. North Carolina was the only state reporting 100% corn planting being completed on June 2.

Meanwhile, 85% of corn was reported as emerged as of June 9. This compares to last year’s 99% at this time, and the five-year average of 92%. The June 2 figure was 74%. North Carolina led with 100% of its corn emerged. Texas is at 96%, and Tennessee and Ohio at 94%. Trailing the most was Wisconsin at 60%, compared to 95% last year at this time.

Pasture and range condition in the 48 states were rated as generally Fair to Good. As of June 9, 39% of pasure and range was rated in Good condition, while 27% was rated in Fair condition. Another 10% was rated Excellent, with 9% Very Poor and 15% Poor.  Last year at this time, 9% of pasture and range in the 48 states was rated as Very Poor, 18% Poor, 32% Fair, 36% Good and 5% Excellent.

New Mexico posted the worst pasture and range conditions for the week, with 65% in Very Poor condition (and a total of 97% in Poor and Very Poor condition. Arizona posted 40% in Very Poor condition, with 37% in Poor condition. and 77% in, and Nevada and Colorado registered 58% in Poor and Very Poor condition.

South Carolina led the way with 50% of its range and pasture rated as Excellent,  25% in Good condition, and 25% in Fair condition. Massachusetts pasture and range condition was rated as 100% in Good condition.

You can access the PDF of the Crop Progress report here, and the text version here.


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