As a U.S. Congressman, Charlie Stenholm never dodged controversial issues but typically found ways to bring disparate factions together to turn dissent into compromise.

As senior policy advisor with Olsson Frank Weeda, Stenholm is using those same skills to work, sometimes behind the scenes, to bring folks on the right and folks on the left to a place he refers to as “the sensible center,” a political platform he said holds from 60% to 70% of the American people.

Stenholm discussed that theory and a far-ranging list of other topics recently at the Big County Wheat Conference in Abilene, TX.

He refers to himself as “an educator” but adds in a low voice that he’s really a “lobbyist” who uses his experience as a long-time Congressman from Texas who served on committees ranging from agriculture, to energy to Social Security, to help current legislators understand issues that affect farmers, ranchers and American citizens.

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