“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions should be a global environmental priority, so we will address how a reduction in GHG emissions can be achieved, and the economic and environmental impact a given climate policy will have on the agriculture and forestry sectors.”

With the debate over climate change seeming to heat up daily, the 25x’25 Alliance and a team of University of Tennessee economists have announced they will conduct an in-depth analysis of the impacts of global warming on U.S. agriculture and forestry.

The announcement was made by Nathan Rudgers, the chairman of the 25x’25 Alliance’s Carbon Work Group during a presentation on Carbon Sequestration at the annual Ag Media Summit in Ft. Worth, Texas. The Alliance will partner with the University of Tennessee’s Bio-Based Energy Analysis Group on the project.

Conceding that some farmers question the validity of global warming claims, Rudgers said those growers need to consider the consequences of allowing EPA to write the rules for dealing with the issue rather than the Congress.

“The potential for an increase in input costs from the Waxman-Markey bill (the American Clean Energy Security Act of 2009) — that’s the big topic now,” says Rudgers. “If the EPA is allowed to regulate the climate change issues rather than Congress, costs are going up, and there won’t be anything in place to offset these.”

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