USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced $42,288,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding for watershed projects.

“This next wave of funding will give even more people opportunities to conserve our nation’s natural resources while boosting local economies,” Vilsack said.

Working closely with local community sponsors to identify projects ready for implementation, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will direct the technical and financial assistance available toward improving public safety and the environment as well as relieving stress on local economies through job creation and retention, NRCS says.

“The funds for these projects will be used for conservation practices to achieve a healthy environment through conserving water and improving irrigation efficiency, controlling soil erosion and installing filter strips, flood-proofing homes, enhancing stream corridor and floodplain functions, constructing small flood control dams, and improving wildlife and aquatic habitat,” NRCS says in a release.

Projects ready for immediate implementation include:
Alabama, Camp Branch ($175,000) and Northeast Yellow River ($255,000); California, Lower Silver Creek ($9,000,000); Iowa, Bear Creek ($755,000); Indiana, Honey Creek ($3,300,000); and Kansas, Lyons Creek ($1,248,000).

Mississippi, Ellison Creek ($1,875,000), Little and Upper Tallahatchie ($2,200,000), Town Creek ($930,000), Yazoo–Arkabutla Creek ($1,000,000), Yazoo-Upper Piney Creek ($875,000) and Yazoo-Upper Skuna River ($750,000); Montana, Lower Birch Creek ($527,000); Nebraska, Gering Valley ($2,200,000); South Carolina, South Darlington ($1,040,000); Kansas, Wet Walnut No. 5 ($199,000); and Kentucky, North Fork of Little River ($725,000).

New Mexico, Prop Canyon and Tributaries ($1,200,000), and Santa Cruz River ($240,000); Oklahoma, Bear-Fall-Coon Creeks ($75,000), Lost Duck Creek ($45,000), Lower Clear Boggy Creek ($50,000), Uncle John Creek ($175,000), Upper Black Bear Creek ($110,000), Upper Muddy Boggy Creek ($45,000), Upper Red Rock Creek ($85,000) and Washita Creek ($809,000); Tennessee, Cane Creek ($12,400,000).

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-- NRCS news release