It is clear that the next state targeted by the Humane Society of the United States is Ohio. The HSUS wants change in housing requirement for farm animals in the state. Jack Advent, executive director of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, says - HSUS plans to pursue an initiative, potentially ballot-driven, similar to California's Proposition 2, which passed by nearly a 27 percent margin in November. Proposition 2 requires that farms provide enough room for animals to stand up, turn around and extend their limbs. The California law will go into effect in January 2015.

Advent suspects - the organization has already done some polling of voters – to determine how such a proposition will fare in the Buckeye state. But a possible new twist this time is that HSUS has pledged to help food-animal producers by providing information on alternative production methods.

Advent points out that - there are some pretty serious economic hurdles, as you see with California. What we need to do is educate our members and research other housing options. Ohio is the ninth largest pork-producing state in the country and the second largest state for laying hens. Advent hopes for another meeting with Humane Society of America representatives.

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