Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Rep. George Miller (D-CA) introduced the “Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)” or card check legislation. EFCA would allow unions to be recognized without having to hold a secret ballot election.

Under this legislation a union would only have to have a majority of employees sign cards authorizing the union. This legislation will be a major battle this session of Congress between the unions and business groups.

Editor’s note: Interestingly, a pair of Rasmussen Reports surveys on the union issue this past week discovered that:

  • 61% of Americans say it’s fair to require a vote by secret ballot if workers want to form a union. Just 18% say it isn’t fair to require a secret ballot. Click here to see the report.
  • While union members tend to believe that most workers want to join a labor union, only 9% of non-union workers responding to the survey said they would like to join a union; 81% would not.