Reps. Elton Gallegy (R., Cal.) and Jim Moran (D., Va.) have reorganized the congressional animal welfare caucus as the "Congressional Animal Protection Caucus," a bi-partisan organization that's committee to raising the awareness of animal welfare issues in Congress, according to an announcement from their offices. Through briefings and forums, the caucus will highlight important issues affecting animals and animal welfare legislation "to build broad coalitions in support of common-sense, humane animal welfare laws," Gallegly and Moran said.

The announcement, issued under Gallegly's and Moran's letterheads, included a quote from Wayne Pacelle, chief executive officer and president of the Humane Society of the United States, which advocates vegetarianism and was responsible for the passage of "Prop 2" in California last year.

Pacelle said the caucus "will better align" public opinion and public policies, "and we are excited to work closely with (caucus) leaders and the entire Congress to combat cruelty and abuse."