Now that the economic stimulus package has become law, the attention in Washington will turn to other issues. One of them will be the environment. A new set of lawmakers and regulators will now be drafting and writing new environmental laws that will impact agriculture. Carmen Haworth, with the National Ag Retailers Association, says a lot of education needs to take place about agriculture, “It is a big part of our educational message that farmers and ag retailers are some of the best environmental stewards of the land.”

Her organization recently took a group of EPA and USDA officials out to a farm for a first hand look at what they write laws to regulate, “Surprisingly many of these people had never been to a farm. In fact, some had never seen a sprayer, which is one of the things they regulate.” The Ag Retailers Association also took a group from Washington to an actual retail facility to view how ag chemicals are stored, something else they regulate.

Haworth is especially concerned that new climate change laws and water quality regulations may be written in a way to cause problems for agriculture.

In addition, new regulations from the Department of Homeland Security have the potential to be a problem for farmers and retailers.

To listen to her interview, link here.