October Tip of the Month
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All animals need time and space to discover that electrified fences are “hot”. This education period must occur under conditions of minimal stress. Select a small, well fenced, holding paddock and place offset wires on the perimeter about two-thirds the height of the animals to be trained.

Ground the remainder of the fence to the Energizer ground and electrify the offset wires with the strongest possible pulse to help make the eduction more effective.

If necessary, the remainder of the farm can be dis-connected to ensure the strongest possible shock during the training period. The minimum time required for training is 12 hours and most animals will be fully trained within 48 hours. The aim is to have stock approaching the fences with caution.

Stock will be controlled during power failures because they will still respect the fence even if it’s off for any reason. Animals which have grown up with power fence systems have remained in paddocks with the power off for several weeks.

Graziers have found electric fencing a highly efficient and low cost method of controlling wildlife and unwanted vermin which can reduce farm income. Electric fencing to control wildlife has been developed where new technology and knowledge is constantly being applied.