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The ground system of the Energizer is like the antenna or aerial or a radio. A large radio requires a large antenna to effectively collect sound waves and a high powered Energizer requires a large gound system to collect the large number of electrons from the soil.

When the ground system is perfect, the pulse can complete its circuit and give the animal the most effective shock.

Soil is not a good conductor so the elctrons spread out and travel over a wide area, including towards moist mineral soils. Dry soils have a very high resistance. If possible, choose an area for the Energizer ground site which is damp all year.

Research indicates 85% of all damaged electric fence Energizers have been damaged due to electrical surges or lightning coming from the utility side, not the fence side.

The problem in almost all cases is a result of inadequate grouding of either primary or secondary sources creating a surge seeking out the power fence grounding system and damaging the Energizer along the way. Inadequate grounding can also be the cause of some stray voltage problems.

The Ground Rule for Lightning Protection from the fence side is to have one continuous 12.5 ga. wire to join ground rods, use a minimum of three 6 ft. long galvanized ground rods, and place no less than ten feet apart. Use galvanized clamps for all ground connections.

Make sure they are placed at least 33 feet from any power supply ground rod, underground telephone or power cable.

Don’t use thinly electroplated or painted items or ungalvanized material because they rust quickly and create resistance.

Do use double insulated leadout cable where the wire from the Energizer to ground rods is likely to come into contact with soil, yards, water pipes or buildings.

A Lightning Diverter can be used to minimize damage to an Energizer from lightning strikes that are received on the fence system. The ground system for the Lightning Diverter should be connected to the center ground rod of the Energizer’s ground system to offer the minimum amount of lightning protection to the Energizer.

The ground system should be tested immediately after installation and then at least once a year.