Settled in the mid 1870s, Della Ranch-es has been an example of environmental stewardship for more than 136 years. Owned by the Tanner family in Grouse Creek, UT, the operation runs nearly 1,000 cows across 192,000 acres of private and public land in Utah and Idaho.

The Tanner brothers have made responsible environmental practices part of daily ranch life. With the combined efforts of Blaine and Julie Tanner, Jay and Diane Tanner, and Brent and Conny Tanner, the family works to reduce soil erosion, maintain forage for cattle and wildlife, increase water quality and preserve local native species.

Despite being located in a harsh, high-desert environment, the Tanner family continues to make rangeland improvements. To combat invasive species in their pastures, Della Ranches works closely with the local NRCS office to clear trees and promote regrowth with prescribed burning. They’ve also implemented measures to protect streams and riparian areas, and partnered with the state to develop spring-fed troughs for their cowherd.

They partnered with the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Utah Division of Wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, wildlife research biologists, and many others to effectively manage their sprawling grasslands.

However, their stewardship efforts don’t stop at the ranch gate. The Box C Guest Ranch, also owned and operated by the Tanner family, is their opportunity to share their stewardship story with consumers.

David Eliason, president of the Utah Cattlemen’s Association, commends the Tanners on their ongoing stewardship practices: “They certainly made a beautiful and productive ranch in an area that took a lot of effort to be successful.”