M/M Feedlot in Parma, ID, serves as a shining example of how productivity and conservation can coexist in cattle feeding. Located on the western edge of Idaho, Kent Mann and son Darin run the 500-head dairy calf-feeding operation and grain farm.

Focusing on innovative management practices to ensure environmental stewardship, M/M Feedlot feeds more than 10,000 head of cattle/year. Conscious of the waste produced by their operation, the Manns implemented waste management and water-purifying practices. They created a pond that allows sediments from a nearby stream to settle before the water enters the Snake River and started a composting business using the manure cleaned weekly from the pen.

The Manns utilize the help of an exceptional manure-management system with concrete scrape alleys and storage boxes, which help prevent odor, manage manure buildup and control the fly population at the feedlot. The manure is composted onsite and then used on their fields or marketed commercially for home and garden use.

Jennifer Ellis, Idaho Cattle-men’s Association past president, praises M/M Feedlot for setting a standard of excellence in every area of stewardship that can be ascribed to a cattle producer.

“Their carefully managed operation is a showpiece for the industry and their management practices have influenced other operations,” Ellis says. “The Manns have implemented forward-thinking practices in nutrition, purchasing, waste management, resources conservation, moving and handling of cattle, neighbor relations, community involvement and more.”

M/M Feedlot has worked closely with NRCS, the Idaho Department of Agriculture, Idaho State Depart-ment of Fish and Game, and the Boy Scouts of America. They also host many student and consumer groups to educate them about the feedlot and sustainability practices.