Spread across 130,000 acres and boasting more than a century of history, Matador Ranch is one of the largest and oldest ranches in Texas. Managed by Bob Kilmer, Matador, TX, the operation runs an Angus, commercial and Akaushi cowherd and manages a hunting and deer-breeding program.

Over the years, the historic Matador brand has become a symbol of quality cattle and sound ranch management practices, and its environmental stewardship work ensures that legacy will continue.

Winners of the 2010 Lone State Stewards Award, the ranch utilizes innovative ideas to implement environmental practices, such as a well-organized grazing rotation and brush management program, prescribed burning and water development. The installation of several miles of pipeline creates livestock watering systems that allow the ranch to capitalize regardless of the opportunities Mother Nature offers.

As a result of  dedication to market-based principles and strategies, the Matador Ranch has achieved a number of successes in ensuring that its natural resources are not only being used to produce a customer-preferred product, but also to improve resources for the long term.

Kilmer and his colleagues have worked with a number of governmental and nongovernmental agencies and third-party consultants to successfully manage their natural resources and ranch lands.