Regular gasoline at retail was up for the second week in a row, for the week ending Jan. 12, while diesel rose for the first time since July 14, 2008.

The national average for gasoline jumped by a dime to $1.784/gal., which is $1.284 lower than a year ago and $2.33 below the all-time high reported on July 7, 2008. Prices were up in all regions. The East Coast price leaped 10.8¢ to $1.75, the Midwest 9¢ to $1.823, the Gulf Coast 9.8¢ to $1.645, and the Rocky Mountains 6.8¢ to $1.563. The West Coast jumped 10.8¢ to $1.954, with California shooting up 11.4¢ to $1.988.

Meanwhile, diesel was up for the first time in 15 weeks – 2.3¢ to $2.314/gal., but $1.012 below the price at the same time last year. Up in all regions for the week, the East Coast saw a 1.5¢ increase to $2.395, the Midwest 1.7¢ to $2.289, the Gulf Coast 1.6¢ to $2.244, and the Rocky Mountains 2¢ to $2.235. The West Coast jumped 7.8¢ to $2.353, while California shot up 9.5¢ to $2.334.