The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline fell for the sixth consecutive week, dropping 6.9¢ for the week ending Aug. 18, to $3.74/gal. Meanwhile, the average U.S. retail diesel price plunged for the fifth consecutive week, losing another 14.6¢ to hit $4.207.

Gasoline was down by 37.4¢/gal. from the July 7 all-time high of $4.114/gal. For the week, the East Coast dropped 9.8¢ to $3.701, the Midwest shaved 2.3¢ to $3.708, the Gulf Coast 8.6¢ to $3.599, and the Rocky Mountain region 6.5¢ to $3.888. The West Coast was down 7.7¢ to $3.98, while California retreated 8.1¢ to $4.037/gal.

Meanwhile, retail diesel was down 55.7¢ from July 14’s all-time high, but still $1.339 higher than a year ago. For the week, the East Coast tumbled 15.7¢ to $4.263/gal., the Midwest 13.7¢ to $4.13, the Gulf Coast 14.3¢ to $4.156, the Rocky Mountains 15.4¢ to $4.319, and the West Coast 15.5¢ to $4.356. California plummeted 18.5¢ to $4.422.